As you explore our site you will find an incredibly diverse collection of projects that range from television series and commercials, feature films, multi-camera entertainment projects, infomercials and public awareness campaigns. Regardless of the subject matter, we bring a highly organized and creative workflow to the production process. Take a look around and discover why we believe that film and video is the most effective, most compelling way to tell your story.


We Dream For A living.


TSWEC (The Scott Woolley Entertainment Company) is a full-service entity with over 1,000 episodes and 30 different television series to its credit. Headed by Emmy award-winning President, Scott Woolley, TSWEC and its executive team has provided reality, documentary, sports, informational and entertainment programming for network, cable, and syndicated television, fortune 500 companies, music artist and professional sports franchise and leagues for over 20 years. TSWEC programs have aired in over 53 countries worldwide. Our line-up of programming has and includes series that have aired on the Discovery Networks, ESPN, Outdoor Life, Speed, Verse, MTV, The Food

Network, Lifetime Television, CNBC and all of the major broadcast networks. TSWEC has also provided key production services to other shows such as the Lou Dobbs Live News Hour on CNN, and The Jimmy Kimmel Show. TSWEC has built a reputation as a versatile and trusted entertainment entity with the ability to deliver high quality projects in a cost-effective manner. The recipient of over 150 industry awards, TSWEC continues to be recognized for the quality of its work both domestically and internationally.

Ultimately, TSWEC is more than a entertainment company, it’s a full-service entity that knows the formula for success.



Creating content for music artist, comedians has been a love and passion of TSWEC. The list of artists is too long to name here, but we would love to tell you more about our experience and passion for this form of production.

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We've been handling this form of production for many years, we've worked for Volleyball, Skiing, Skateboarding, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB teams and the league, even just about every type of motor sports.

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Nothing gets your blood flowing like working a 12 camera live production. This is where TSWEC excels the best. It runs thru our veins.

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Live Event staging many times goes hand in hand with our Multi-Camera work. We've been hired many time to create the opening night shows for new arenas and stadiums. Not to mention the largest single event ever produced to honor one athlete (Dan Marino) was production and created by us.

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3D the newest form of shooting, we've been shooting 3D since 2008, we've become veterans at this form of production, not to mention we have several feature films to our credits.

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Everything ends with Post and Editorial and your last experience with us is the best.